New Product

  • DHC02B series

    product model:DHC02B preci…… . . . . . .

  • DHC03B

    product model:DHC03B preci…… . . . . . .

  • DHC04C

    产品系列:DHC04C系列电流互感…… . . . . . .

  • HOVS-02S5*/7* series

    Product series: HOVS-02S5 …… . . . . . .

  • HOVS-01S0*/2* series

    Product series: HOVS-01S0 …… . . . . . .

  • DHD51B series

    Product series: DHD51BProd…… . . . . . .



  • Tech Support

    Based on the thorough understanding of the clients’ specific requirements, Deheng Technolody Co., Ltd provides its clients application solutions of electrical measurements and protection systems, and helps the clients choose or design the most appropriate ancillary products.

  • A Variety of Products

    We have more than one hundred product series including: current transformer, Hall sensor, Roche sensor, electrical quantity transducer, etc, and have developed electrical measurement & protection products and new energy resources vehicle recharging devices. The products apply to motor vehicles, power supply and distribution devices, telecommunication power supply, Internet of Things, instrument and apparatus, household electrical appliances, earth leakage protection etc. Our products and services have won praises and reputation domestic and overseas.

  • Sophisticated Technology

    Keeping purchasing a variety of advanced and complete production equipment, striving for perfection of mould control, carrying on the strict technique standards and making improvement continously, Deheng Technolody Co., Ltd sticks to craftsman's spirit for every product.

  • User-friendly

    Deheng Technolody Co., Ltd provides complete product information which makes clients understand every product’s structure, function, features, technical parameters and related, and concequently provides clients convenience in design, selection and installation.

  • Customization

    In order to meet different demands, Deheng Technolody Co., Ltd increases the categories of the electricity measurement & protection products and new energy resources charging devices. We can also develop new products rapidly to fufil the clients customized requirements of product structures, functions and features.

  • Quality Assurance

    With high quality raw materials, stable and effective supply chain, automatic manufacturing and inspection equipment, Deheng Technolody Co., Ltd implements ISO9001 Quality Management System which guarantees that every procedure can be traced.

  • Qulity Seivice

    Client-centered, facilitate communication, rapid response to the appeals, flexible and high quality services

  • Supply security

    The delivery time is always guaranteed by meeting the clients’ demand initiatively and flexible in manufaturing schedule.